Good Friday: Director’s Cut

Good Friday - Director's Cut

A couple of years ago, I joined many other nervous moviegoers to see a much-anticipated superhero blockbuster. The story had so much potential. Would they tell it in a way that was compelling?

The general consensus after the movie’s release: No.

I don’t know the first thing about making a movie, and I certainly wouldn’t have done better, but I was a little disappointed.

Then, hope. There were rumors of a Director’s Cut. A version that told the story as its creator intended. A version that did justice to the characters, the significance of their sacrifice, and the value of their victories.

Decades after the enormous wake of Good Friday, John reflects on seemingly commonplace details of Jesus’ crucifixion and sees what others couldn’t: the Creator’s explanation of the story.

In John’s account of Jesus’ crucifixion, we get the Director’s Cut of Good Friday.

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The Christian Life is a Buddy Comedy

Buddy Comedy

I am convinced that the Christian life is a buddy comedy. You know, the kind of movie where a guy[1] bemoans his meaningless existence[2] until his father[3] sends him on a mission to prove himself[4], with an annoying tag-a-long at his side.

So off they go on a quest of discovery and danger, and by the end they have grown to be good buddies, and their budding friendship has grown them.

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It’s Not Magic!

The Lord's Supper

Many in my denomination prefer the term “Lord’s Supper” to “communion” when discussing the breaking of bread and the (obviously non-alcoholic) fruit of the vine. The word “eucharist” is practically unheard-of! (Literally.)

Recently, I was explaining to a friend[*] that the use of the term “Lord’s Supper” in Southern Baptist circles was meant to emphasize the memorial nature of the act (see: Zwingli).

Ironically, I had only known this blessed practice as “communion,” since pretty much the only time I partook was when visiting my high school friend’s (not-so) non-denominational Christian church. Actually, it was the only question I stumbled over during my licensing to ministry; I couldn’t remember what the “two ordinances” of the church were, but I knew the sacraments!

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