The Pastor, a Signpost – Part One

Signpost 1

What is a pastor, and what does he do?

During the twentieth century, the pastor was often stylized as a therapist, or even compared to the friendly sitcom bartender. In recent years a myriad of metaphors, borrowed from the business world, has been posited: the pastor has been called a “visioneer,” a “catalytic leader,” or even a “movement maker.” For consideration is a new metaphor: the pastor as signpost. Continue reading


It’s Not Magic!

The Lord's Supper

Many in my denomination prefer the term “Lord’s Supper” to “communion” when discussing the breaking of bread and the (obviously non-alcoholic) fruit of the vine. The word “eucharist” is practically unheard-of! (Literally.)

Recently, I was explaining to a friend[*] that the use of the term “Lord’s Supper” in Southern Baptist circles was meant to emphasize the memorial nature of the act (see: Zwingli).

Ironically, I had only known this blessed practice as “communion,” since pretty much the only time I partook was when visiting my high school friend’s (not-so) non-denominational Christian church. Actually, it was the only question I stumbled over during my licensing to ministry; I couldn’t remember what the “two ordinances” of the church were, but I knew the sacraments!

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