This page is an easy way to find some of the original music I’ve been able to record through the years. More will be added as time goes on!

For our third anniversary, I wrote and recorded some songs for my lovely wife, Lauren, inspired largely by our engagement and wedding.

The first track, “I Don’t Mind the Rain,” was begun while Lauren slept on the drive back from our honeymoon. “You’re So Real” is a reflection on the trip we took to Memphis when I proposed. “All Over Again” is a reminder of the vows we took on our wedding day and the hope we have of continued (albeit transformed) love in eternity.

I am indebted to our friends, the Tuckers, for all their help on this project ! Houston Tucker helped me record, and Kinsey Tucker made the album art. Houston writes and podcasts at, and Kinsey writes at — check it out!

Here are a few songs recorded with minimal equipment (and minimal planning), as part of my efforts to write songs and blogs toward an undivided mind. They range from confession to profession. Be on the lookout for upcoming song stories for each of them, and go check out some of the other songs on my Soundcloud account!

This 6-song EP was a labor of love made with some great friends a few years back. Give it a listen. I hope it can be a blessing to you!